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Dr. Philip Levy in a Public Appearance on television show "The View"


The Jordanian Initiative: Through meetings with the Prince and his staff, Dr. Philip Levy was retained as a consultant to assist with the development of a system of community-based services for people with developmental disabilities for the country of Jordan.



"​​​​When the history of the civil rights for the disabled movement is written, Phil Levy should be a big part of it. His vision helped level the playing field and offer not just A-Z services for the disabled, but also a sense of independence and dignity, and hope for the future. Phil’s one of those unique people who has the ability to connect with folks from all walks of life, and also make things happen. I’ve seen him do it – he’s magical one-on-one, and he has the management ability to build what has become the country’s most effective service organization for the disabled.​"​​​

Bill S. Ritter
Anchor - ABC News


"​I have witnessed Phil's unique leadership style and passions inspire those around him to greater heights.  He is both people oriented and mission focused.  His special combination of management ability and determination sets Phil apart from his peers.​​”​​
Gerald A. Benjamin
Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer - Henry Schein​


"​​​Phil uses his own brand of 'participatory management' to inspire and motivate managers and salespersons towards their highest level of performance, helping companies to achieve a happier workplace and a healthier bottom line.  His unique combination of business and management skills make him a great asset as an organizational consultant.​​"

Jerry Blaine

Articles by Dr. Philip Levy


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Whoopi Goldberg & Sherri Shepherd

Dr. Philip Levy with Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepherd from The View