Leadership Development Forum (LDF)

"Dedicated to the development of leaders at all levels"
(A Division of PHL HP Consulting Group)




  • To develop leaders for progressive, growth oriented companies

  • To maximize the potential of employees who have been identified as possessing leadership attributes

  • To capitalize on human potential

  • To build and sustain high performing organizations 




  • The growth and success of a company is highly correlated with the professional development of its workforce, the quality of leaders at all levels, and staff morale.


  • Large companies often have departments that provide the requisite training to develop and strengthen leaders, but smaller and midsize companies frequently lack the infrastructure to support these initiatives.


  • Larger companies still may prefer to utilize external resources for reasons of confidentiality, comfort, efficiency, and the exchange of diverse experiences and ideas.


  • To develop a “farm system” to fuel and support organizational growth.


  • Companies may require the development of leaders from one or more of the following four target groups: 

  • 1-  New and Less Experienced Managers who demonstrate potential for leadership. 


  • 2-  Experienced Managers who have been identified as “future stars” to help lead the company in years to come.


  • 3-  Senior Managers with the capacity to assume executive leadership positions in the future.


  • 4-  Underperforming Managers who are valuable because of their knowledge, alignment with the corporate culture, positive attitude and the costs associated with terminating and replacing them.












  • Exposure to divergent views through social exploration is known to foster professional growth that maximizes human potential.


  • When training is conducted in a confidential, safe environment where active participation is encouraged through “Green Light Thinking”, participants are more willing to take risks, be open to sharing ideas and receiving constructive feedback. 


  • Learning is best accomplished through an interactive and stimulating environment, where questions are asked, “free thinking” is encouraged, personalized case studies are utilized, and peers serve in an advisory capacity.  


  • The aggregate knowledge of a group is greater than that of any one individual. LDF’s approach permits all members to tap into the “greater wisdom of the group”.


  • Leaders engage and inspire people to exceptional performance, often beyond their expectations.


  • There is not one leadership style, but there are essential skills that can be learned; not all leaders are born, rather they evolve over time through experience, training and mentoring. 











  • Candidates are placed in groups based on their skill level, experience and position/title. 


  • Diversity is encouraged. An attempt is made to avoid having individuals from competing companies in the same group, but more than one candidate per company will be considered.


  • Candidates are typically recommended by and paid for by their companies, but some self-select and are private payers.


  • Companies can have on-site groups organized solely for their staff.


  • All candidates are pre-screened to ensure appropriateness and “fit”.


  • Candidates will complete a self-evaluation leadership form and their sponsor will complete an evaluation of the individual stating specific objectives.


  • All goals must be specific and measurable. 


  • Prior to acceptance, a brief interview will occur between the candidate and group leader to ensure appropriateness and “fit”. 


  • Groups may vary in size, but will be small enough to ensure an interactive approach, inclusive of case study presentations that will be analyzed by the group.




The program has three options with the cost reflecting the level of service. 


Level 1: Evaluation of submitted materials and participation in four classes. The first class is three hours and establishes a foundation. The second class is also three hours and focuses on leadership principles. The third and fourth classes are two hours each during which case studies will be presented and analyzed.


Cost: $1,900.


Discounts are provided for multiple referrals from a company.


Companies that wish to host an on-site program for up to 10 of their employees will be charged a reduced fee. Cost: $10,000.


Level 2 (optional): An individual follow up meeting with the participant and his/her sponsor to review progress.

Cost: $400.


Level 3 (optional):

Individual coaching sessions available.

Cost: $400 per hour.




  • LDF is a division of PHL HP Consulting Group, a rapidly growing boutique management consulting and leadership development company dedicated to creating and sustaining high performing teams and organizations.


  • LDF’s principal screens all applicants and provides the leadership of groups. 


  • LDF is committed to a personal approach, gaining familiarity with all participants and their sponsors. 


  • LDF is outcome oriented and is dedicated to measurable and sustainable growth. 


  • PHL HP Consulting Group’s founder and President has a unique combination of clinical, business, and leadership experience at the CEO level that facilitates personal and professional growth, while increasing the financial success of the sponsoring company. 





“Phil is the most dynamic and charismatic trainer - with a unique ability to maximize the leadership skills of managers at all levels.”  Jerry Blaine, CEO and President - LDI


“An inspiring and motivating trainer who enhances the potential of leaders and the success of the company.”  

Mitch Wiener, Founder and Owner - FSS/FSO


"An extraordinarily skilled trainer and group leader with a unique business sense and ability to engage and motivate an audience."  Larry Hutcher + Jeff Citron, Co-Managing Partners - DHC


“A highly professional and gifted group leader who creates an interactive environment that stimulates learning, deep thinking and the sharing of ideas and information.”  Jeff Wiener, Managing Partner - Marcum



For additional information or to register, visit our website at WWW.PHLCONSULTINGGROUP.COM

or email Dr. Philip Levy at Philip@phlconsultinggroup.com


References available upon request.



Getting the business is only half of the game.


Developing the leaders necessary to serve the business and honor commitments is often the biggest challenge reported by owners and C-level executives of companies.

LDF strives to create authentic, self-aware, passionate, confident, and inspiring leaders with high standards, who are team builders and competent professionals who lead by gaining the trust of their colleagues.